Decorative Home Painting Ideas for Homes on the Market

Preparing your home for sale involves small renovations and strategic redecorating. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable project, consider painting.

A fresh coat of paint instantly refreshes a room. And depending on the colours you choose, paint yields a huge return on investment.

Did you know that certain colours can drive up the price of your home? That’s because some hues appeal to buyers, while others turn them off completely. If you’re wondering which colours to pick for your home, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got some great decorative home painting ideas that’ll help you sell your house fast.

Before You Get Started

Every paint job begins with prep work. If you hire professional painters, they’ll do most of it for you. But you should still tackle the following steps to ensure your project goes smoothly.

  1. Remove pictures and wall hangings. Stagers suggest packing away family photos altogether. This makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.
  2. Clear out your furniture, so your painters have room to move. While you’re at it, declutter. Figure out which pieces you won’t use for staging and put them into storage.
  3. Check your walls for cracks and holes. Ask your painting company if they’ll fill them, or if this is your responsibility.

Winning Colours for the Real Estate Market

When it comes to picking colours, neutrals work best in houses up for sale. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should paint everything white. (Just the opposite actually, since white has noted to drive away potential buyers.) These options are sure to wow open house visitors.


A classic neutral, cream will never go out of style. It’s light and airy and brightens up dark spaces. White often feels sterile. But cream, especially when paired with wood tones, is warm and inviting. Use this colour anywhere in your home, particularly in small rooms that lack natural light.


Grey has been popular for many years. Bold or soft, dark or light, it’s an extremely versatile colour. In the dining room, grey is stately and sophisticated. Choose a rich, deep shade for formal spaces. You’ll also impress with light grey-blue in the kitchen.

This neutral pairs well with most colours. For a touch of oomph, why not bring in contrasting accents? Jewel tones are currently trending in interior design. Ocher, magenta, or teal accessories are sure to pop against grey walls.


Did you know that blue walls invite higher offers than any other colour? Perhaps it’s the calm, soothing vibe that blue evokes. Together with white, navy is fresh and crisp. Try it in your living room or bathroom. Painting the bedroom? Opt for soft cerulean to create a cozy and inviting space.

Don’t forget about your exterior! Dark navy or slate doors create serious curb appeal. Buyers love painted doors because they offer the impression these homes are well-cared for. A painted door can increase your home’s resale by about $1,500.


What do you get when you combine grey and beige? A hit colour that’s known affectionately as “greige”. Inside your house, a greige living room is welcoming and homey without feeling drab.

However, greige will shine the brightest on your exterior. Painting your siding can have a huge impact on your home’s sale price. Consider freshening up your curb appeal with a light greige.

Colours to Stay Away From

Neutral-coloured and blue homes sell faster and for a higher profit. But what should you avoid altogether? Stagers like to steer clear of anything that’s too bright or bold. If you have any of these colours in your home, it would be wise to paint over them.


Yellow is very tricky to get right. Too soft, and your walls look dull or dingy. Too bright, and your senses become overstimulated.

Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour. In small doses, it can lift up your mood. But too much of the wrong shade causes headaches. When selling your home, it’s best to stick with calm and mellow colours.


It’s true that neutral colours are the secret to selling homes. So what’s wrong with white? Potential buyers describe white as plain and generic.

In other words, white is boring. It often appears stark and flat under artificial light. With so many warm and homey options, white should be avoided at all costs.


When painting your home for sale, the goal is appealing to a large number of people. Pink is a gender-specific colour that does the opposite. Often associated with young girls, it can be seen as juvenile or overly feminine. If you currently have pink rooms, consider replacing them with a soft grey or blue.


According to colour theory, red symbolizes passion and energy. Associated with strong emotion, it’s known to increase your blood pressure. If you want potential buyers to feel relaxed in your home, avoid red paint.

Buyers may not name wall colour as the reason for passing up a house, but Zillow reports homes with red dining rooms sold for less than their non-red counterparts.

These Decorative Home Painting Ideas Can Attract Top Dollar For Your Home 

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, paint is a powerful tool. Choosing the right colours can go a long way to selling your hours faster and at a higher price. We hope these decorative home painting ideas have inspired you to get started.

Anybody can pick up a roller and refresh their space. But for the best results, why not trust a professional? Whether you are preparing your house for sale or settling into a new home, we’re here to help.

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